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moveo FAQ


FAQ – Health Facts

What happens when you walk 10,000 steps every day?

Daily walking of 10,000 steps has a positive impact on your health. Moveo’s simulated walking motion strengthens your deep muscles, stimulates blood circulation, prevents circulation disorders, calf cramps, and osteoporosis. The walking motion tightens your connective tissue, helping combat cellulite. Additionally, you may lower your blood pressure, actively preventing a heart attack or stroke.

How can I become fit again in old age?

Walking ensures that you stay healthy and fit even in old age. moveo makes it easy for you to incorporate your daily dose of exercise, promoting deep muscle strength, lowering blood pressure, and actively preventing circulation disorders—all without breaking a sweat.

Why is exercise important for seniors?

Exercise in old age has been proven to contribute to better physical and mental health. Strengthening muscles helps you stay fit and prevents accidents by enhancing walking stability.

Is exercise effective without sweating?

Physical movement in a low pulse range without sweating helps build basic endurance and fitness. You don’t always need to engage in sweaty workouts to stay effectively fit.

Can you build muscles at the age of 75?

Muscle building is not age-dependent. Whether you are 50, 60, or 70+, you can strengthen and build your muscles at any time. Choose appropriate exercises for muscle building based on your flexibility.

How to activate your metabolism without actively doing sports?

There are several ways to boost metabolism without actively participating in sports. Drinking sufficient water daily (at least 3 liters), maintaining a balanced and healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and incorporating light exercise all contribute to promoting a high-functioning metabolism.

How do you prevent high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can have serious health consequences, particularly for the cardiovascular system. You can lower and sustainably prevent high blood pressure through regular exercise, adequate water intake, and a balanced diet.

How does sports help with sleep disorders?

Sports has a relaxing and balancing effect on the body. Morning exercise, in particular, contributes to better deep sleep and overall restful sleep. Improved sleep enhances daily performance and well-being.

How to get rid of cellulite quickly?

Scientifically, there is no miracle solution to make cellulite disappear instantly. However, regular exercise and a healthy diet can combat cellulite. The muscle-stimulating motion of moveo tightens connective tissue and can demonstrably reduce cellulite.

How can exercise help with stress reduction?

People are exposed to numerous stressful situations daily. The brain releases stress hormones such as adrenaline, noradrenaline, insulin, and cortisol in these situations. The best way to eliminate these hormones is through exercise. Regular exercise has a balancing and relaxing effect.

How to accelerate post-sport regeneration?

Regeneration is a crucial aspect of sports. The body needs time to refuel and enhance its performance. moveo, with its light motion simulation, promotes muscle relaxation, thereby reducing the recovery time.

What can I do about gait instability?

To counteract gait instability, you can steadily build and strengthen your muscles. moveo stimulates your deep muscles, ensuring muscle building or preservation.

Can circulatory disorders disappear?

Circulatory disorders often go unnoticed for a long time. They can manifest in various ways, such as partial numbness, pale skin areas, or pain. Gentle physical exercise improves the oxygen supply to the entire body, promoting circulation. Daily movement and improved circulation stimulate the body and assist in the formation of new vessels, which can partially take over the circulation of impaired vessels.

What can be done about nocturnal calf cramps?

The main reasons for nocturnal calf cramps include insufficient water intake, an unbalanced diet, and insufficient movement. Ensure you drink enough water, maintain a balanced diet, and engage in daily light exercise. moveo has been proven to help with nighttime calf cramps.

FAQ – Application

How do I use moveo correctly?
moveo can be used while sitting, kneeling, or lying down. Each application targets different areas of the body. More information on the precise application and examples can be found here!

FAQ – Support

Who delivers my moveo, and how long does delivery take?

We ship moveo via the DPD parcel service. Delivery takes approximately 3-4 working days after receiving your payment.

How long is the warranty on my device?

moveo comes with a 2-year warranty. In case of any issues/malfunctions/defects, please contact us directly at

Do you have questions about your device or need support?

Feel free to contact us anytime at +43 664 88 524 510 or