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Become and stay fit into old age – train without sweating with moveo!

Function & Application

Just 2x 10-15 minutes of moveo training a day helps you stay or become fit and promote your health. Moveo has a total of 10 different intensity levels that can be adjusted based on your feeling. The app includes various pre-installed training programs simulating different movements and effects on the body. Moveo’s function is medically tested, and its success is clinically proven. Daily movement promotes stress reduction in everyday life and helps you relax. It tightens connective tissue, reduces cellulite, shortens recovery time in competitive sports, allowing you to return to training faster. Moveo promotes blood circulation, keeping you fit in both old and young ages. Benefit from the numerous positive effects of its unique function. Take the first step towards your new healthy life and get fit with moveo!

Application Sitting


The right sitting position on a stationary seat.

By supporting the forearms on the knees, the shoulders or upper body can be included in the training.

Please note:

The training effect changes on the entire body depending on foot position!



Strong training effect



Normal training effect



Low training effect

Training Effect Sitting


Through sitting training with moveo, you strengthen the muscles in the calves, thighs, and back. You promote blood circulation, loosen your muscles, and accelerate recovery after sports.

Application Kneeling

This application method should ONLY be applied at a low level.

Please note:

Never load the device with the entire body weight.



with slightly extended arms



with forearms resting on the device

Training Effect Kneeling


By using the kneeling position, you loosen your forearms, upper arms, and the entire upper body. It promotes blood circulation and strengthens the core muscles.

Application Lying Down

Lie on your back and place the soles of your feet in the middle of the support surfaces.


Lying down

with the soles of the feet in the middle of the device

Training Effect Lying Down


In the lying position, the training effect focuses on the leg area. You loosen your calves and thighs, promoting muscle regeneration and counteracting circulation disorders.

Application Sitting on the Ground

Place your calves in the middle of the support surfaces. Make sure your heels are free in the air.


Sitting on the ground

with calves lying on the device



In case of doubt or pain, we recommend medical clarification before use.

Training Effect Sitting on the Ground


Sitting on the ground, or even sitting in bed, you can strengthen your leg muscles with moveo, promote blood circulation, and thus counteract thrombosis.